Cupra Marittima

Small village located north of the province of Ascoli Piceno overlooking the adriatic sea.
Its characteristic is the particular microclimate that makes it cool during the summer period. Not yet crowded with tourist, it is especially appreciated by the elderly and young families with children who can relax by the sea, enjoying the wiew of the old hovel and the green hills that embrace the country. Suitable for a totally relaxing holiday with a non-invasive nightlife, which is offered by other countries not far from Cupra Marittima.


Not to mention that families at night can appreciate the promenade with typical seafood restaurants, the ‘paese alto” with medieval walls, the museum of the territory with exhibits from the Piceno and roman times, and the palace Sforza, residence of the family.
During the day, besides the sea, it is advisable to visit the roman ruins such as the villa and the nymphaeum scattered around the country, or the malacological world exhibition with thousand of shells from all over the world. Finally, perhaps not everyone knows that the wax of Cupra refers toour country that gave birth to Dr. Ciccarelli, inventor of beauty cream.